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Casa Pacoche Restaurant

The sea and tradition in a ravioli

Escabeche is a classic of Mediterranean cuisine. Its origin comes from the Persian culture more than 800 years ago. The families of the fishermen used to make it with the fishing of their sailors. It was a very tasty dish with many calories to compensate for long days at sea.

We would like to pay our particular tribute to him. To do so, we make a powerful marinade with starling from subtropical waters. Later we elaborate the filling of the ravioli with part of that marinade wrapped in wan tun pasta. With this we get a tender bite with a lot of flavor that surprises all palates. To finish off the recipe, we prepare an emulsion of oil and garlic from the marinade to evoke the original recipe and also a wink to our region with a sweet paprika oil.

This recipe unites tradition and modernity, unites the Mediterranean with the Region of Murcia, Pacoche with the future...

To achieve this dish we look at the marinade recipes bringing us to the present day a recipe that is almost being lost.

Our intention in Casa Pacoche Restaurant is to offer the always updated recipes. Elaboration with a lot of tradition reinvented to surprise the palate. Our intention is not to break with the past, our intention is to vindicate the traditional Mediterranean and regional culture by raising it to a new level to reach new groups that do not know such dishes. Always respecting the raw material, the local suppliers and the love for the gastronomy. We hope you like our creation.

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